Friday, 6 February 2015

Looking for Alaska by John Greene

Looking for Alaska is about a young boy who moves school in search for his great perhaps but ends up stuck in this Labrynth.
His name is Peter but when he moves to boarding school his new friends re-name him Pudge.
While at the boarding school Pudge falls for the unpredictable Alaska. Pudge's life changes completely when he moves here he makes life long friends, the Colonel, Takumi, Lara and Alaska...however Pudge's new friends don't quite stick by the rules,this type of life is new to Pudge but its an adventure he doesn't want to miss.

My favourite part of this story is when Pudge and the rest Colonel Takumi... all plan a revenge prank on a few of the people who weren't quite welcoming to Pudge when he first moved especially due to who he had decided to become friends with.

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