Friday, 27 January 2012

The Hunger Games - Our View

Junior Book Club:
This month the book club's choice was 'The Hunger Games'. The overall opinion of the book is a 10 out of 10! Apart from one pupil disliking the book, the rest of the club loved. 'A page-turner' said one pupil.
Though slow to start, it really heats up especially when the Games begin.  :)
We like the complex relationships of the characters with each other and how they evolve within the Games when Katniss has to decide who her enemies/frenemies are.
It had a sort-of three-part ending, which we liked.
The author was inspired by her real life father, which is why the father is so important to Katniss.
Our favourit character was Rue who appears later in the book and Peeta who knows Katniss all along.

Our book club choice for February is... Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Hunger Games

A fantastic book all round. Suzanne Collins completely immerses herself in a new world, leaving no prisoners. This creates a whole new reality that the reader simply must believe, a remarkable feat in an age of authors who either only write about what they know or make a shoddy attempt at crafting an alternate reality. In this regard it reminded of us 'Epic'.

Collins manufactures a fast-paced, tense atmostphere in the future that we all fear. With Katniss's enemy constantly changing and everyone with an alternate agenda, the reader is left standing on uncertain ground and wanting more. Yet she does so without at all preaching to the reader that 'the end is nigh'. Collins draws on inspiration from 1984 and the Harry Potter series to create an oppressive government that control the even smallest aspects of the lives of their citizens. What fear could be better to draw on in the time of SOPA and new levels of government power?